Chia Seeds







  Chia means  “STRENGTH”  in Mayan and can be traced back over 3,000 years to Central America where the Aztecs utilized it as one of their primary plant sources of food, notably their third most important crop next to corn and beans. Chia is high in complete protein, containing about 23 percent protein per seed. All essential amino acids are present and appropriately balanced within the protein.


Powerful Health-Building Benefits  of Chia


  • Super-Energizing For Increased Endurance and Sustained Energy. A Balanced Blend of Protein, Essential Fats, Fiber, Complex Carbohydrates, and Antioxidants.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health. Provides Extremely High Levels of Heart-Healthy Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Chia’s oil contains the highest-known percentage of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, an incredible 62%–64%.
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar. Reduces Blood Glucose Swings and Supports Conditions of Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. Chia’s soluble fiber exerts a stabilizing influence on blood glucose levels by regulating the rate at which complex carbohydrates are digested and assimilated in the body.
  • Reduces Cravings for Sweets and Junk Foods. Chia’s Soluble Fiber Allows the Measured Release of its Natural, Unrefined Carbohydrate Energy into the Bloodstream.
  • Improved Mental Focus and Concentration. Chia’s Balanced Essential Fats (Omega-3 and Omega-6) Can Significantly Boost Brain Power…and Brighten Mood (EFAs are known for their anti depressive effects).
  • High-Quality Protein. Chia Contains 20% or More Protein…a higher percentage than found in other grains, such as wheat, corn, rice, or oats. Plus, chia is high in Natural Antioxidants (unlike flax), which means it stays fresh far longer and supplies powerful dietary antioxidants.
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass. Chia’s High-Quality Vegetable Protein Helps Build Increased Lean Muscle Mass. Therefore it is useful for weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • Gluten-Free. Unlike Typical Grain-Source Proteins, Chia Protein Contains No Gluten. Chia thereby is an ideal food for individuals having gluten sensitivity, carbohydrate intolerance, hypoglycemia, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, or for anyone wishing to avoid common gluten-containing grains like corn, barley, and wheat.
  • An Ideal Super-food. Chia is an Excellent Functional Food for Most People, including individuals exhibiting food allergies, food sensitivities, or food and chemical hypersensitivity.
  • Super-Hydration and Electrolyte Balance. Chia’s Soluble Fiber  Massively Retains Water…keeping you well-hydrated and maintaining your electrolyte balance. Chia seeds hold 12 (or more!) times their weight in water
  • Supports Healthy Elimination and Detoxification. Healthy Oils and Soluble Fiber work together supporting greater regularity and comfort…beneficial effects not to be underestimated!


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