Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter is high in Essential Amino Acids, and Magnesium. It is also very good source of Phosphorus, Manganese, vitamin K and Zinc. Also it has 18% of the RDA for Copper and 10% for Magnesium. Both of these minerals help with bone, muscle and joint health.  It contains 3g of protein per 1 tbsp.

Seventy five percent of the fat in cashew butter is oleic acid, the type of heart-healthy unsaturated fat found in olive oil which can help improve your cholesterol levels.


Some Health Benefits of Consuming Cashew Butter

  • It contains magnesium and calcium, two minerals essential for the production and maintenance of healthy bones
  • The mineral magnesium is also important to regulate the tone of nerves and muscles
  • Lack of adequate amounts of calcium in the body can lead to condition like muscle spasms, migraine headaches and even high blood pressure.
  • Copper is especially beneficial in the removal of certain harmful free radicals from the body
  • Copper is a vital constituent of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase whose main function is to help in the processes of energy production and antioxidant defenses
  • Copper is also necessary for the activity of the enzyme lysyl oxidase which provides flexibility to blood vessels, joints and bones

Regular consumption of cashew butter can improve overall diet. If you are on weight loss plan, keep your portions to just one to two tbsp. per day to benefit from the multiple vitamins and minerals available in the butter and keep calories under control.

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