1. What is Raw Food Diet?
“Raw”  food that is unprocessed, unrefined, and untreated with heat. We have three main food groups: fresh fruits, vegetables and natural fats –  avocados, nuts, and seeds. The raw food  should be prepared in a way that maximizes nutrient content.

2.What are nutritional benefits of the Raw Food Diet?
Health, Health and Health. When we eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables we maintain our optimal health and weight.  All raw greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds have a vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, and fiber – all essential for good health.  Better nutrition equals better health.

3. Are your Raw Protein Bars 100% Vegan?
Yes. our raw protein bars are 100% Vegan. We are not using any animal ingredients in our diet, therefore we are not offering any animal ingredients to our customers.

4. Are your Raw Protein Bars 100% Raw?
Yes, our raw protein bars are 100% raw with all beneficial enzymes intact. That’s why our raw protein bars are easily digestible and 100% useable by your body.

5. What are the Enzymes?
Enzymes are mainly proteins which helps us to break down  “digest”  raw foods. Eating  an-enzyme rich diet is thought to increase vitality and slow the aging process.

6. Are you using Soy Isolate Protein in your Raw Protein Bars?
NO, we do not use soy isolate protein. Soy proteins are hard to digest because they block enzymes need it to break it down and cause stomach irritation.

7. Are you using Whey Isolate Protein in your Raw Protein Bars?
As a common allergen, whey is an isolate which undergoes multiple  high temperature processes  that destroy bio-active compounds along the way. Whey isolate protein same like soy , is  acid-forming in your body.

8. Are You using any artificial sweeteners in your Raw Protein Bars?
NO, we are not using any chemically processed sugars or artificial sweeteners. Sugar in our raw protein bars comes from raw dates and coconut nectar (low glycemic index sweetener)

9. Do your Raw Protein Bars contain GMO?
 NO, our raw protein bars are GMO FREE. We are against Genetically Modified Food’s.

10. What mean’s Genetically Modified Food, GMO?
Gmo means genetically modified organisms. Recommend reading this article:  What is Non-GMO?

11. Where are your Raw Protein Bar’s made?
Our raw protein bars are made by us in our licensed commercial kitchen in bay area, California.

12. Can I find your Raw Protein Bars in the stores?
NO. Our raw protein bars are hand made to order, make sure you will receive them as fresh as possible. As of right now we are online business only. You can order it on our website and receive it in a few days.

13. Are You using any food preservatives?
NO we do not use any food preservatives.

14. What is the Shelf Life of your Raw Protein Bars?
Our raw protein bars where tested in special food testing company and they will last 2-3 month when properly stored. For best result store them in your refrigerator as soon they arrive. 

15. How is my order shipped?
Your order is shipped USPS flat rate and it will arrive in 2-3 days after it’s shipped.

16. How much cost shipping?
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate  $11.30.

17. Can You ship outside of US?
At this time we are not able to ship outside of United States.

18. Can I pick up my package in person?
NO, this is not possible. We are online business only.

19. Refund Policy.
We offer 30 days 100% money back guarantee minus shipping. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product you can return it in unopened condition 15 days from purchases for a full refund minus shipping cost. Package must be unopened with original packaging. Please email us to obtain  authorization code (RAC) and instructions. Return without authorization code will not be accept it.
Note: please read nutritional labels prior ordering your protein bars.







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