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RawEnzyLand is a raw food company based in San Jose, California, offering you exceptional high quality plant-base raw protein bars made with the finest living ingredients — the most basic, healthy protein bars you can eat on the planet.


Our bars, made from  the company founder’s original recipes, are ideal snack for anyone trying to be healthy and avoid chemically processed proteins, sugars, and other highly processed food ingredients.


Packed with energy-laden nutrients and amino acids, our raw protein bars are an excellent source of easily digestible plant-based proteins and sustained energy. They do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavoring.   This means that your body benefits from the clean, fresh taste of plant-based proteins, fruits, nuts, seeds and super foods the way nature intended.


 All of our protein bars are hand-made in our licensed commercial kitchen from start to finish, with careful attention to detail and following strict California food protocols. We make our raw protein bars using a temperature controlled process of not overheating the bars over 115 degrees F, which ensures that the life energy is not destroyed. This means that all the enzymes, proteins and vitamins remain intact in their natural raw state which the body utilizes 100%.




Jan Vnuk, founder of RawEnzyLand and a certified Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor. He trained at the Living Light Culinary Institute (Fort Bragg, California), the world’s foremost organic raw vegan chef training school founded by Cherie Soria, “the mother of gourmet raw vegan cuisine”.











Anna Fialova, RawEnzyLand partner. Anna is also a Living Light Culinary Institute certified Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor. In addition, she’s a licensed chef from Prague, Czech Republic.

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